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Summit County Family Law Attorneys

Helping people resolve difficult family law matters and move forward in life is a long-standing strength for our Frisco, Colorado-based legal team. If you are facing divorce or must deal with a problem after or outside of divorce, we will provide focused legal guidance and aggressive representation of your interests.

Family law matters are complex, emotionally loaded and extremely significant from a financial perspective. Deciding how to approach issues regarding children, money and property can be a difficult process. We will hear you out, ensure you understand relevant laws and explore all your viable options. While most cases can be settled through adept negotiation or mediation, our reputation for winning favorable outcomes at trial will be a tremendous asset if there are intensely disputed issues.

Breckenridge Area Divorce Attorneys · Comprehensive Family Law Counsel

Our Summit County family law attorneys' skills and experience cover the full spectrum of:

  • Divorce representation ranging from settlement negotiations and efficient filings to advocacy for men and women engaged in complex disputes over parental responsibilities (child custody and parenting time), significant marital assets, maintenance (alimony) and other vital issues
  • Petitions for post-divorce modifications when significant changes in circumstances occur, including pursuit of or defense against changes in child support, parenting time or maintenance
  • Counsel and representation for unmarried parents who have had children together and must resolve complex issues of rights, access and parental responsibility
  • A range of other matters such as parental relocation, grandparents' rights, petitions for guardianship and allegations of domestic violence

Prioritizing Results, We Tailor Our Efforts To Each Client's Unique Goals

Applying more than 50 years of collective experience in the courts, we fight intelligently and relentlessly for the best outcomes our clients can realistically achieve. Our lawyers' complementary skill sets enable us to do so with maximum efficiency and constant attentiveness to the bottom line.

If you primarily need reliable legal information and assistance navigating the divorce process, we will provide exactly that. If you need a sharp, tough advocate to defend your rights and future, our law firm is a premier choice. To request a free case evaluation by telephone or a meeting with an experienced attorney, contact us at the Law Offices of David A. Helmer, LLC.

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