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What would happen if my underage child receives a DUI?

As a parent you can try your best to teach your children safe behaviors, but it is ultimately up to your children to actually practice those safe behaviors. Teenagers and young adults can be especially prone to challenging rules, testing boundaries and choosing fun over safety.

Drinking and driving is a serious mistake for anyone to make, especially those who are underage. If your child is caught drinking and driving, there are three levels of charges that he or she could receive depending on his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

How does a court make decisions about parental responsibilities?

Parental responsibilities, sometimes called child custody, is an important issue for divorcing parents. If you just started the divorce process, some of your first concerns may have been over where your child will live, how frequently you will see your child and who will be able to make decisions about your child’s upbringing. While you and your spouse can work together on a parenting plan that addresses these concerns, sometimes collaboration does not work and a court must make these decisions.

When a Colorado court makes decisions regarding parental responsibilities, the most important consideration is the child's best interests. Typically, courts believe it is in the child’s best interest to have parents share time with the child and share decision-making responsibilities regarding the child. However, there is no strict definition of what is in a child’s best interest because each child and each situation is unique. Courts can consider any relevant factor when determining parental responsibilities.

Will you get your first DUI this holiday season?

They call it the festive season for a reason. The holidays are usually a time when you are with family and friends enjoying a party atmosphere. These get-togethers will often include alcohol which can quickly turn a joyful time into a somber one if one person leaves to drive while drunk. 

Will a restraining order keep me from seeing my kids?

Colorado restraining orders, also called “protective orders,” are most often used to keep spouses or exes apart after domestic abuse has occurred. A valid protection order issued by another state is also honored and enforced in Colorado and other states.

If your ex is looking to get a protective order against you, you may be temporarily restricted from contacting your children. However, visitation with children can be established in a protective order.

7 steps to future-proof your business

Colorado has some great new businesses. Take for example Blinker; their new app gives people the ability to post their car for sale, simply by taking a picture of it. Sugarwish makes the corporate gift-giving process fun by having the recipient pick out their treats and have them sent right over. Let's Be Chefs’ app sends users personalized menus and grocery lists weekly, and it'll even notify you when it's time to start cooking. BASE Education uses Social Emotional Learning to help prevent student suicides and school-based violence.

The small business scene is thriving in Colorado, but no one ever claimed that running one would be easy. New companies come and go with great frequency. For instance, in the third quarter of 2016, 5,898 establishments started up, generating 17,847 new jobs in Colorado. In the same period, 4,393 businesses exited, resulting in 13,050 lost jobs.

New Year, new business?

With the New Year just getting started, have you thought about what you want to accomplish this year? If you are like many Americans, there is a great chance that you are looking to start your own business and take control of your future.

Starting a business has many pitfalls and many risks, but the benefits for a person or a family owning a small business can be limitless. Before you start a business, however, think about what it will entail. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before starting your business: