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Will you get your first DUI this holiday season?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Uncategorized |

They call it the festive season for a reason. The holidays are usually a time when you are with family and friends enjoying a party atmosphere. These get-togethers will often include alcohol which can quickly turn a joyful time into a somber one if one person leaves to drive while drunk.

Drinking and driving increases during the holidays

Statistics show that alcohol consumed over the holidays will play a role in nearly 28,000 people being seriously hurt in car accidents. Besides time with family, you may have a work party or even plan a meet-up with old friends. Sprinkle in extended time off from work and driving with alcohol in your system may more possible than you think.

The holidays can also shine a light on a particular person that may not otherwise find themselves in danger of getting a DUI. These are people that do not drink very often during the rest of the year. However, when it comes to the holiday season, they may find themselves and their lower tolerance for alcohol getting pulled over. These types of people are even easier to catch during the holidays due to law enforcement agencies being on higher alert this time of year.

How to avoid a DUI over the holidays

Of course, the best course of action you should take to avoid a DUI over the holidays is to just not drink. If you decide to drink, have precautions in place that will minimize your chances of climbing behind the wheel of a car when you may be over the legal limit. First, partake in drinking when you will not have to drive afterwards. This can be done by staying home or being within walking distance of where you will stay that night. Have a designated driver with you or plan to call a cab or ride sharing service when you are ready to leave. Finally, if you are out drinking and will need to drive yourself that night, you can also exercise your responsibility as an adult and limit the amount of your alcohol consumption.

For many people the holiday season is for creating unforgettable memories. But one too many drinks before driving and an interaction with a police officer may make this a holiday season to forget. If you are pulled over and arrested for DUI this holiday season, you do not need to be alone. Contact an experienced DUI attorney who can assist you before things get worse.