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Parenting time, parenting responsibilities and conflicts: Your attorney can help

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Uncategorized |

When you are getting a divorce, it is important that you and your child’s other parent talk about your parental responsibilities and how you will be splitting them up. It is essential to talk about parenting time, your custody schedule and other factors, like what religion you want your child to grow up in or which school you want them to go to.

Each part of a parenting plan should have information you can refer back to if there is a dispute or any confusion occurs. Your attorney will help you with issues such as:

  • Enforcing child custody agreements
  • Changing current parenting arrangements if your circumstances change
  • Determining parenting time
  • Determining parenting responsibilities

Many parents are able to work out these issues on their own, but if you are unable to, then it may help to talk to your attorney about steps you can take to negotiate and resolve any disputes you have. In most cases, parents do have their children’s best wishes at heart, so finding a resolution is possible with some healthy discussions.

What do you do if the other parent is fighting against reasonable parenting time?

If the other parent is fighting against reasonable parenting time, then it’s important for you to talk to your attorney about presenting your argument for the time you want. Studies have shown that children do better when they see both parents regularly, though there are exceptions. If you’re concerned about losing custody or not getting the time you want, your attorney can help you negotiate with the other parent or take your case to court for a judge to rule on it.