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Colorado vacationers sometimes need a strong criminal defense

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

World-class skiing. On-the-water adventure. Mines to explore. Both local and international cuisine to savor.

All that and more is readily on the menu for visitors seeking a bit of memorable fun time at varied locations spanning Colorado’s renowned Summit County.

Some counties across the country arguably command bragging rights, and Summit County’s central placement in Colorado’s famed Front Range unquestionably qualifies the area for a bit of endorsement.

Tourist publications steadily chime in with enthusiasm. Fodor’s Travel Guide is one of them, noting the region’s easy accessibility from Denver and terming it the state’s “playground.”

The bottom line as noted by Fodor’s: Summit County is routinely “packed with tourists and Front Range day-trippers.”

Most individuals and families vacationing in the area have nothing but a great time and often repeat the experience.

That does not uniformly hold true, though. An otherwise elevated weekend (in the most literal sense: most regional enclaves are many thousands of feet high) sometimes turns adverse for tourists forced to interact with law enforcers regarding a criminal charge.

When a vacation is marred by alleged criminal misconduct

An established Colorado criminal defense legal source makes a comment that proves relevant for a number of Summit County visitors. It notes that, “A dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are charged with a crime.”

The possibilities are multiple and varied. Area law enforcers routinely arrest individuals for alleged criminal acts like the following:

  • Fights and assaults
  • Disorderly conduct (e.g., public drunkenness)
  • Theft offenses
  • Violation of state hunting laws
  • Traffic infractions
  • Drunk and/or drugged driving
  • Illegal drug possession/use

Many visitors never see the potential for blowback, especially concerning drinking and drug-tied charges. Notably, alcohol has a surprisingly pronounced effect at high elevation. And just as notably, legions of Colorado vacationers mistakenly assume that the state’s liberalized marijuana laws equate to broad-based acceptance of drug possession and use generally.

Securing proven legal counsel following a criminal charge

Here’s a point that merits immediate noting concerning a Colorado criminal charge: It carries a punitive sting in most instances.

Many people fail to realize that, especially regarding something like an issued traffic ticket. The truth, though, is that many alleged offenses can yield penalties ranging from a materially heavy fine and jail time to a permanent criminal record and additional downsides.

Such an outcome is often far from inevitable, though, when a charged individual proactively reaches out for experienced legal counsel. A seasoned Colorado criminal defense attorney with a proven record of client advocacy can provide further information.