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Can an estate plan help your family avoid arguments?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If you are getting older, then you know the importance of a good estate plan. A quality estate plan will help you detail your wants and needs during the end of your life as well as after you have passed away.

It’s not a bad idea to put together an estate plan in a way that will prevent your family from fighting if you are impaired or pass away. Setting up your health care power of attorney will minimize conflicts over your care, for example, while adding in no-contest clauses may help prevent litigation over will disputes.

What are some ways to prevent family arguments due to your health condition?

To prevent fights when you’re unable to care for yourself, you can set up your power of attorney documents as well as your advance directive. The advance directive will provide details on what you do or do not want to have happen if you are injured or sick but cannot make your own decisions at that time.

A health care power of attorney will establish an individual who can take over making health care decisions on your behalf when you’re unable. Similarly, a financial power of attorney will give someone in your family or friend group the opportunity to take care of your finances when you’re incapable due to illness or injury.

How can you prevent litigation over your choices in your will?

If you want to prevent a will contest, one of the options is to consider a no-contest clause in the will. With a no-contest clause, you can establish that anyone who contests the will could lose everything they stand to inherit if they choose to contest the will (and lose) in court.

You may also opt to add trusts to your estate plan so that you pass on assets directly to those whom you’d like them to go to.

Your decisions now may help in the future

These are a few ideas to help prevent arguments and fights if you can’t make decisions any longer. Taking these steps may help your family move forward more easily and understand your decision-making process.