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2 ways to protect your children during your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Every parent has a duty to protect their child at all times. But when the relationship is going through difficult times, it is not uncommon for attention to shift to the stress and the emotions of the moment. However, it is important to understand that divorce affects kids too, and it is important that you do everything in your power to safeguard their interests. 

One of the most common issues you will deal with before, during and after the divorce is your children’s wellbeing. How are they handling the news of their parent’s divorce? And how are they dealing with the idea of one parent moving out?

Here are a few tips that can help you protect your children during the divorce process.

Never fight in front of the kids

While this may seem straightforward, it is unfortunate that some couples tend to let emotions get the better of them. Keep in mind that kids will always take note of those raised voices, heated phone calls and (in worst-case scenarios) physical fights.

Fighting in the presence of your children can greatly impact their emotional and psychological well-being. Additionally, this can prepare the ground for parental alienation, especially if one parent is deliberately starting fights to win the sympathy of the children. 

Reassure the children of your love and protection

Divorce comes with a lot of uncertainty, especially for the children. It is not uncommon for some kids to feel responsible for the breakup of their parents’ marriage. It is important that both parents assure the children that they are not to blame for the breakdown of the relationship.

While there may be bad blood between the parents, be sure to let the children know that they are loved and that regardless of the divorce, both parents will be do everything in their power to love and protect the children. 

The weeks and days leading up to the divorce can be very difficult for the children. However, it is important that both parties commit to ensuring that the children’s best interests are taken care of before, during and after the divorce