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Why are the first 3 minutes crucial when driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A car crash could happen at any point in your journey. Yet a recent report by Dolphin Technologies found that a quarter of crashes occur during the first three minutes. Another 14% occur between three and six minutes after starting out.

While that still means 61% occur later, the thing about those first few minutes is that many short driving trips are unnecessary. So, if you can reduce them, you reduce the chances of a crash.

Are you ready to drive the moment you start the engine?

Think about how you warm up before engaging in your favorite sport. Or how you turn on the computer and surf a little before focusing on the task at hand. To drive safely requires focus. Yet switching focus from one task to another is rarely immediate. Hence, when you set out of your driveway in the morning, your mind may still be on other things such as a discussion you just had with your child. Or, when you leave the office and hop into your vehicle to drive to the sandwich shop, you may still be concentrating on the piece of work you left unfinished rather than the traffic around you.

Is cutting out short trips practical?

Does using the car instead of walking or going by bicycle save you time, or does it just seem easier? Do you use the car for short trips because of habit, or is it necessary? If you can cut out the car for some of these trips, you can increase your safety and save yourself money. That pint of milk you popped to the store for becomes much more expensive once you include fuel.

If another driver hits you, seek legal help to unravel the circumstances. If you discover they had only just left the house or the office, you may be able to argue they were not yet giving the road their full attention when they hit you.