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What can you do if you suffer injuries at a ski resort?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Colorado is renowned around the globe for its pristine ski slopes and luxurious winter resorts. Locals and visitors flood the region each season to take advantage of our snowy weather conditions.

Outdoor wintertime activities are excellent for exercising the body and refreshing the spirit. Unfortunately, they can be dangerous, even at ski resorts with established safety standards. You can benefit from knowing what to do if a possibly negligent injury occurs at a ski resort.

Where did the injury occur?

It is challenging to win a personal injury claim for harm that occurred out on the slopes. However, if the injuries arise due to resort negligence, these waivers are typically unenforceable. For example, the resort failed to mark its trails, resulting in a ski or snowboard accident with injuries.

If the accident happened in the resort or on its grounds, a premises liability claim will probably resolve your situation. Examples of resort accidents that fall under premises liability include:

  •       An attack or assault on ski resort grounds
  •       Slips and falls from icy or snowy walkways
  •       Burns from restaurant waitstaff carelessness
  •       Injury from poorly maintained resort equipment (lifts, etc.)
  •       Trips and falls from frayed carpeting or other flooring hazards
  •       Stairwell accidents caused by loose handrails or damaged stair tread

Although ski resorts have protection against frivolous personal injury claims, you have legal options to explore when negligence is a factor.

To determine the remedy that will give you the most favorable outcome, learn more about injury and negligence laws in Colorado. The compensation you obtain can help you pay for the medical treatment you need for recovery.