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4 things to remember during child custody matters

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Family Law |

Child custody is one of the more challenging things that parents who are divorcing will face, but you can’t avoid coming up with the terms of the agreement. You and your ex should try to get this done as quickly as possible so the kids have some measure of stability.

It isn’t always easy to work things out with an ex. Considering these four tips might make it a little easier.

Keep the children first

Every decision you make about child custody has to be centered around what’s best for the children. You can’t let other factors, such as what’s easiest for you or harder for your ex, dictate what you do for child custody.

Communicate respectfully

You and your ex have to be able to communicate respectfully. Being sarcastic, demanding or anything similar can work against you when you’re trying to enjoy peaceful parenting.

Leave the past alone

The past doesn’t have a place in the child custody case. The only thing from the past that you should bring up is instances of abuse or neglect that are centered on the children.

Think about the rules in the plan

Be careful when you’re suggesting rules for the parenting plan. You’re going to have to follow the same rules as your ex.

Working out a parenting plan is a priority when you’re going through a divorce. This outlines everything from the duties of each parent to the parenting time schedule. You must set it up based on what’s necessary now. You can modify it in the future as the kids’ needs change. Working with someone who knows your circumstances may help you find solutions to your challenges.