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3 things to remember about co-parenting communication

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Family Law |

Parents who are going through a divorce need to determine how they’re going to handle child custody matters. This isn’t always easy, but the children can benefit greatly when parents can work together. 

One thing that’s often difficult for parents to do is to communicate with each other after the divorce. Setting the standards for this from the start can be beneficial for everyone involved. 

Communication should be respectful

All communication between you and your ex should be respectful. It may help you to treat things in a business-like manner. Remaining calm may help you to resolve issues easier and faster than you would otherwise. If things get heated, it may help you to take a step back for a bit to calm down and think about the possible outcomes. 

Direct communication is crucial

You and your ex should communicate directly with each other. Never try to send messages through the children. When you try to use the kids as messengers, you set the stage for misinformation and there’s a chance the children may have to experience an unwanted reaction to what they say. 

Dispute resolution should be set

The parenting plan should include dispute-resolution methods. Even if you and your ex have a wonderful parenting relationship, there may come a day when you have to try to work through a contentious matter. 

Everything related to child custody should be relayed in the parenting plan. This helps to minimize the chance of misunderstandings in the future. Working with someone familiar with these matters may be beneficial since they can help you to find solutions to the issues that plague you.