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Discussing estate planning with your parents

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Estate Planning and Probate |

No matter what stage of life your parents are in, discussing estate planning is critical to ensuring they can protect their assets for future generations. This conversation with your parents can often be difficult and uncomfortable as death is a sensitive topic. 

However, by understanding what estate planning involves and why it is important, you can help ensure your parents of having this necessary conversation. Here are some tips for navigating the conversation and making sure all parties feel informed and respected during these discussions.

1. Choose the right time and place 

Pick a comfortable and relaxed environment for the conversation. It might be best to avoid holidays or family gatherings, as these can be stressful times.

2. Approach the topic with empathy 

Show your parents that you care about their well-being and that you want to make sure their wishes are respected.

3. Be respectful 

Remember that your parents might not want to discuss their finances or end-of-life plans. Listen to their concerns and be respectful of their decisions.

4. Start with a general conversation

Begin by asking your parents if they have thought about their estate planning to help ease into a more detailed discussion.

5. Address any worries or concerns

Your parents might be hesitant to discuss estate planning because they are unsure about the process or worried about the cost. Address these concerns and offer support where possible.

Discussing estate planning with your parents may not be easy, but it is necessary in order to ensure that their wishes are respected after they pass away. By taking the time now to understand their goals and objectives, you can help ensure that they have peace of mind knowing that their legacy will remain intact for generations to come.