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Skilled Defense Against Drunk And Drugged Driving Charges

With the strict laws on the books in Colorado today, any arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs — including legally obtained marijuana — carries the potential for life-changing consequences. Even for a basic first offense, conviction means a heavy fine, a criminal record, a lengthy driver’s license suspension and a possible jail sentence.

Facing the charge alone could be a mistake you regret for a long time. At The Law Offices of David A. Helmer, LLC, you will work closely with an accomplished lawyer who will take your case seriously and strive aggressively for the best achievable outcome.

Our attorneys have decades of experience helping clients navigate the criminal justice system and achieving manageable outcomes in many DUI and drugged driving cases. When justified, we are absolutely willing and ready to challenge the evidence against our client and target a dismissal or acquittal via a jury trial.

We take a rigorous approach in defending you against DUI or DUID charges:

  • We conduct an extremely thorough investigation into what precisely happened and whether the arresting officer did everything correctly and lawfully.
  • We often hire a chemist to double-check aspects of blood alcohol content (BAC) evidence or the level of active THC detected.
  • We offer each client a clear, honest assessment of the likelihood of success if we go to trial. This way, you can make a sound decision on whether negotiation for manageable consequences is the better path.

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Whether this is your first brush with law enforcement or you have past offenses on your record, you have a lot on the line. To put our team right to work on your DUI or DUID, call our Frisco firm at 800-483-0713 or contact us online.