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Skillful Representation In Probate And Estate Litigation

Administering the estate of a loved one can be a daunting prospect. At a time of loss, the executor (personal representative) is responsible for preparing to settle the estate. Sometimes, complaints and controversies arise that may head for litigation.

The Law Offices of David A. Helmer, LLC, has helped countless executors, trustees and other interested parties over the years to resolve probate and estate-related disputes.

When Things Go Wrong During The Probate Process

Individual circumstances may differ, but the following phases of estate administration sometimes bring out causes for litigation. Our law firm has helped many plaintiffs and defendants to address disputes during these and other areas of estate administration:

Validation of the will: Someone may contest the will, contending that it was not legally signed or that the person making the will was under coercion or duress. You may need to bring a will contest or defend a will against legal action of this type.

Inventorying and valuing assets in the estate: Complications over jointly held assets sometimes trigger disputes that may go to litigation.

Reckoning with debts: Creditors may rush to collect aggressively and in violation of probate laws. Unknown creditors might show up and claim larger portions of the estate than what seems to be correct.

Filing final tax returns: Unresolved controversies with the IRS may threaten to derail the probate process. Alleged failure to file the final tax return can lead to legal trouble.

Distribution of assets: As an executor, you may be accused of breach of fiduciary duties if a supposed beneficiary or heir disagrees with your distribution methods or results of those actions.

We are equipped to skillfully address any complexities or detours that come up while you are settling a loved one’s estate or when you need to challenge the executor of an estate.

Reasons To Choose Our Probate Litigation Firm

Attorney David Helmer has been practicing law since the 1970s, including serving as a judge for several decades. Our team of attorneys brings more than 40 years of combined experience to the table, with knowledge of many areas of the law – such as real estate and family law – that tend to come up in estate litigation. From Frisco, Colorado, we serve the entire mountain area, including Summit, Eagle, Park, Clear Creek, Lake and Grand counties.

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