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Do You Have A Good Reason To Have A Family Law Court Order Modified?

A court order may look final, but no court order other than a death certificate is fit to be set in stone. Life circumstances may change. Even after a complex divorce trial, errors or wrongful outcomes involving hidden assets are sometimes discovered. Such cases may lead to further legal action. If for any reason you believe you need or want to petition a court to modify a family law court order in Colorado, consult with an experienced attorney.

The Law Offices of David A. Helmer, LLC, has the reputation and experience that you are likely looking for as you explore ways to get a court order modified. Our law firm has been serving clients in a wide range of legal practice areas since the 1970s. We are familiar with all the family law courts in our area. We have helped many clients persuade judges to modify court orders or block petitions for modifications.

Let Us Evaluate Your Modification Plans

We can offer insights from our extensive experience helping people get family law court orders changed in circumstances such as:

  • A parent with whom a child lives most of the time has to move out of the area for work reasons, to take care of elderly parents or to pursue higher education and needs a new custody plan.
  • A parent who has paid child support has experienced a severe reduction in income for reasons that are not likely to change.
  • A parent who pays child support has experienced a great influx of income (such as by winning a lottery, selling a ranch or getting a major promotion at work).
  • An ex-wife or ex-husband who has been receiving spousal support remarries, and the original support order does not contain a clause accounting for this possibility.
  • A party in a divorce discovers that the other party had large hidden assets that were not properly disclosed during the divorce.
  • A military parent who is sent overseas wants to ask a court to allow another family member to fill in with custody during deployment.

Other situations may also trigger requests for modification of court orders. Our law firm represents petitioners as well as people opposing the other parent’s or the other ex-spouse’s petition.

Our Experience Can Be An Asset For You

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